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If I say Tuscany, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? In all likelyhood you will immediately start thinking of one or all of the following:

  • red wine
  • golden hills
  • cypresses dotting unpaved paths
  • sunflower fields
  • endless vineyards
  • stone farm-houses
  • olive orchards
  • delicious food

I could go on with so many items, but there’s one thing in particular worth mentioning. Something so much loved by women that I could not imagine the world without. I am talking about Thermal spring spas. Would you agree on the last thing I have just said? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you can continue reading as I am going to share with you my recent experience at the 5 Star hotel ADLER THERMAE Spa & Relax Resort, one of Italy’s leading luxury spa resorts where you can treat yourself to the warmth of  thermal spring waters, regenerate completely while leaving your busy life behind to enjoy the best things in life.


I spent 5 days at the Hotel ADLER spa resort in Tuscany last April for the first time in my life. I was looking for the perfect holiday solution consisting of  beauty and wellness treatments, outdoor activities, fine wines and total relaxation all rolled into one. My expectations where quite high, I know, but I can honestly tell you that they were definitely met if not exceeded with regard to certain aspects.

The hotel is perched on a hill near the small village of Bagno Vignoni in Tuscany’s most picturesque scenery known as Val D’Orcia. The rooms are spacious and elegant and exhibit an understated mountain-lodge touch probably reminiscent of its sister facility located in the Alps. I enjoyed very much the views from the large glass door overlooking the surrounding brilliant green gentle slopes. At sunset I could not give up on my 20 minutes being spent sitting in the little private patio in total admiration of nature.

The Resort complex offers a host of unique spots for us guest to improve well-being while relaxing or practicing sports. Among my favorites were the relaxation area and the fitness center both with a panoramic view.


The spa center of ADLER resort in Tuscany is one of the best equipped and most complete I have visited in the last years. It consists of several areas dedicated to beauty, massage, Ayurvedic medicine, therapeutic treatments, med programs, salt treatments, advanced machinery, sauna, steam bath, aesthetic medicine and more in addition to a small boutique selling Adler signature beauty products line and Maria Galland skincare creams.

However, the thermal baths were the actual reason of my stay at Adler resort in Tuscany. I was looking for waters with healing powers in order to get the best of both worlds and get the most of my time in the pool after the beauty treatments in the spa. The water properties originate from the dissolved minerals in them which are beneficial for the bones, rheumatism, venous lymphatic circulation and skin problems. The architecture of the pool is something amazing which invites the guests to lay along the edge and entertain the senses by  just looking at it.


I usually prefer to choose my treatments beforehand when I know I will be staying for more than two days in a spa resort and adjust them as and if needed once I reach my destination. On Adler website it is possible to scroll the complete list of packages and solutions offered and also get the advice of their professional staff on the phone on request.

Besides the standard and most wanted treatments available, some items from Adler’s offering worth mentioning, if only because I am over 40 years old and I would like to book them on my next stay, are listed below based on my personal preferences:

  • Adler facial regeneration;
  • Adler facial lifts
  • Adler Luxury Visage
  • Oxygen Bath
  • Ultherapy® natural lifting
  • Soin Modelant Corps Maria Galland:body shaping treatment with a thermal mask
  • Watsu: water-shiatsu in thermal water for a deep relaxation and re-establishment of energy flow;
  • Mud therapy for tension, trauma, arthrosis

Listed below are the treatments I chose during my stay. But let me first tell you that my favorite one was the Delux Jet Peel applied to face, neck, hands  and décolleté areas. Once the operator switched off the machine, I had a quick look at my hands and believe me when I say that it seemed as if 10 years of age at least had been removed from them. Hands health and appearance have always been a concern for me, and I suppose for most women too, as they are a nasty age indicator!

Here my beauty treatment choice:


At Adler resort in Tuscany outdoor activities are not underestimated. Guests are in fact invited to take part in the hikes guided by their adorable guide – an Austrian lady who moved to Tuscany many years ago – and discover the surrounding villages and countryside. Certain excursions will also include a nice ‘salami & cheese’ lunch at a nearby farmhouse where locally produced wine, food and oil can be tasted and also purchased to be brought home with you  if you wish. I found two of these excursions particularly delightful. One took me to up the hills to Poggio Istiano farmhouse. And another saw us walk along the borders of ADLER vineyards until we reached the Sanoner Family owned winery.

THE WINERY – Tenute Sanoner

After a 10 km walk or so from the Resort, we reached the young wine estate of the Sanoner family. The wines they produced are completely organic and the state of the art wine making facility and machinery is fully compliant with and respectful of the organic farming prerequisites. As I am very keen on quality wines and well into fine wines, I was quite impatient to taste their production. The wine labels read Aetos, which stands for Adler (eagle) in Ancient Greek. The only grape variety used to produce them is Sangiovese, typical local grape grown across the Val D’Orcia region . The three wines served were:

  • Aetos Sparkling Rosé Brut
  • Aetos Rosé
  • Aetos Sangiovese (Red)

and as I am currently obsessed with still rosé wines – served at temperatures below the recommended range – my favorite one could not be other than Aetos Rosé.

Take me back there please. Now.

With love from,



Adler Resort in Tuscany 

Tenuta Sanoner

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  • TheSmellsTaster says:

    Really interesting!! Very important tips for my next trip…..
    Tuscany wait me I’m arriving!!

    • @TheTrendyEditor says:

      Hello TST!
      Glad I have inspired you with my storytelling…
      We both love Tuscany

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