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There isn’t a better season than Autumn for enjoying a nice warm bath with candle light, a lot of foam and the correct beauty routine consisting of cleansing, gentle rubbing and getting our skin dry before hydration.

Thanks to Iris Hantverk product selection delivered right to my doorstep, I have recently decided to go back to the good habit of enjoying a Saturday evening bath routine and forget for an hour or so about work and the rest of the world more broadly.

The core of Swedish manufacturer Iris Hantverk’s business is hand-made brush binding mostly from natural materials. This is carried out by 6 visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures who make brushes according to an old Swedish tradition. Something which really touched my heart – when I visited the website to learn about their history and product offering – having a visually impaired member in my family.

If you live in Stockholm, you can get the brushes directly from their two shops. However, if like me you live far away, on their online store you can easily get what you are looking for. And not just for your bath time routine, but also for the kitchen, outdoor, house cleaning and home interior.

My product selection, as featured in the gallery, consists of the following items:

  • Bath brush with long handle:  made of oil treated oak, horse hair and tampico fibre for some extra scrubbing power. Did you know that horse hair is an ideal material for bathing brushes? In fact it is soft and flexible while being also long lasting. Used with soap and gently rubbed against your skin it gives a very pleasant massage effect. For the brush to dry, place it face-down so that the water trapped can drip.
  • Face brush: made of oak and goat hair. Make sure you use the brush dry on a clean dry face. Don’t wet the brush as water will ruin the goat fibre. This brush will exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells through circular massaging movements for 5 minutes once or twice a week. It is important to avoid working on delicate areas such as the area around the eyes and the mouth.
  • Bath towel in knitted organic cotton: the organic cotton delivers softness and makes this towel easy to fold while the knitting gives a nice exfoliating feeling. Its large size makes it so comfortable and desireable.
  • Towel in cotton:  the lower part consists of terry cloth. It can be used both for drying hands and dishes.
  • Bath brush with knob: this is definitely my favorite brush in terms of design! Made of oil treated maple wood and horse hair. Used with your favorite soap it perfectly cleanse your skin.

Once you have completed your bath time routine, make sure you apply some nice moisturizing cream over your body. Life feels better when we look after ourselves. And even small details can add sparkle to our Saturdays.

Iris Hantverk bath time items 

The products featured in the gallery are courtesy of  Iris Hantverk. My opinion is true as it is based on a personal and accurate product and brand selection. All photos are property of TheTrendyEditor. Unauthorized copying or use is prohibited. 

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