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My latest bag-crush has definitely been on Adi Kissilevich’s equestrian creations and the apparent attention to detail which stands out when you look at her collections. All her bags are handmade and complemented by stainless steel equestrian accessories. Her claim is “Passion for Elegance” and as I was browsing through her online pages and scrolling the vibrant Instagram feed, I immediately felt in complete accordance with her view.

Adi Kissilevich handbags are in fact stylish leather bags with unique stainless steel horse riding bits that convey a certain Old England touch.

Each piece is undoubtedly classy but with a twist!

Before I tell you about the model I have chosen from Adi Kissilevich collection, let me tell you something about the small bag which took my heart and eventually made my final choice more difficult.


I love this model because of its size which makes it a must-have in every woman’s closet! It is ideal for the trendy, dynamic city woman that doesn’t compromise on classy elegance and femininity. This crossbody bag  features a large logo on the front, a small leather handle if you wish to carry this gorgeous leather macaroon by hand, a series of removable tassels and an adjustable/detachable shoulder strap. On the inside, a zippered compartment and a phone pocket will help you keep your essentials at your fingertips.

But now I’d like to tell about my final choice.


As I have a MacBook which I carry with me everywhere I go in the same way as a pet owner carries his or her pet, I was looking for a stylish, leather computer bag to match with my classy rolling luggage, possibly with a unique design to catch the attention of all the people behind me at the check-in line.

The Pelham computer bag, is a functional piece which perfectly combines the equestrian lifestyle with an “on the go” attitude marked by a minimalistic design.

If you are a businesswoman who has no other choice but travelling with her laptop, books, tablet, e-reader, magazines, or any other office files, Pelham is just what you need.
It features a removable/adjustable shoulder strap and a handle, so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or carry it by hand. You do not need to worry about scratching or spoiling the content as the bag offers a large quilted compartment for protection.
The Pelham Computer Bag will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your traveling outfit, no matter if you are wearing a black pencil skirt or denim trousers. I took it with me on my last trip, and I thought that it paired perfectly with my black patent stilettos.

Now it is your turn to pick your favourite Adi Kissilevich bag. Choose with passion. For elegance.


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