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Belle vie: Live Luxuriously

Belle vie  perfectly embodies my idea of luxury living and lifestyle. This high-end skincare brand which I have recently discovered and tested, in fact, strongly believes that through science and by applying the highest quality natural ingredients, the best skincare treatments can be developed for us women who wish to achieve our best possible beauty goals and results.

HAND CREAM: Developed in the finest French salons, the golden chamomile and camellia extracts in it promote cell turnover. Your hands will feel silkier, softer and kissable with regular use!

WHY: Because after the summer holidays more than ever, our skin needs nourishing and being taken care of to counterbalance the combined effects of sun and salt. Beautiful looking hands are classy, and a two-minute daily ritual can really make a difference!

MORE: For a complete beauty routine, you can choose the ‘Ageless Gift Set’ to make the most of the healing and protective benefits of Belle Vie creams, aimed at maximizing skin health. Use the age-defying creme as your night ritual to address fine lines and wrinkles. Use the hand creme as a body cream to nourish and moisturize the skin. Apply the the scar-healing cream to address cuts and old scars.

PLUS: 1) Belle Vie is Cruelty Free. 2) The smell ot he cream is delicate and pleasant.


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