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To: all heel lovers
Subject: height-convertible sandals
Title: interchangeable heels

Hello heel-lovers of the world! I am here with some good news about something unique that will change your way of approaching shoe heights: mime et moi, i.e. a trend-setting German brand from Munich which has luckily come up with the very original idea of interchangeable heels. From low to high from stiletto to chunky style.

How often have you found yourself not knowing which pair of shoes to pick from your shoe closet because after work you are going to have a drink with your friends or colleagues at one of your city glamorous bars, or perhaps because you have a date immediately after work and you do not have time to go home and make yourself glamorous! Carrying two pairs of shoes to work, one on your feet and the second pair inside a bag is not comfortable nor classy either, especially if you take the metro or the bus to reach your office. Mime et moi from now on will be the perfect compromise!

If on the contrary you are a heel-addict, like me, it might come in handy to drop a pair of small heels in your tote just in case you feel tired during or after a day on 10-12 cm heels and you want to walk home to unwind instead of hopping on a crowded bus. Things become much easier when we can go in less than a minute from 10 cm stilettos to 3 cm kitten heels or flat sandals. Don’t you think so?

Mime et moi open toes are truly an amazing invention to go from heel to flat and the other way round. It’s like having two or more pair of shoes. Moreover  you can’t really see where the heel starts: they are definitely seamless. Long-lasting comfort and style are combined with a strong sense for aesthetics, which makes Mime et Moi collections the perfect companion for all occasions. Their sandals are available in several unique shapes, colors, and heights from classy to glamorous to suit all women’s taste.

If you hold a pair of Mimes in your hands, you immediately understand that attention to detail  and high-quality materials are key. the patented flexheel inner sole allows for optimal wearability independently on the heel height chosen.  In addition, the innovative release mechanism provides that wow effect that it is more and more difficult to generate nowadays. There is a lever on the bottom of the shoe. All you have to do is  release it and pull until you hear a click and see a distance between the sole and the heel . Then you can remove the heel! Once you have done it, close the lever, pick the heel you want to wear, click it in place, step on your toe and bring your weight down. Done! This operation is easier when you are wearing the shoes but you can swap heels also while holding the sandal in your hand.

I am so happy to be sharing a -10% coupon code with you! Follow the link below and use danielaponi10 at checkout.

Enjoy your Mimes!

Mime Et Moi Interchangeable heels

This product is courtesy of  MimeEtMoi. My opinion is true as it is based on a personal and accurate product and brand selection. | All photos are property of TheTrendyEditor. Unauthorized copying or use is prohibited. 


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