Nobahar Design Body Ornaments

Nobahar Design

WHO: Sogand  Nobahar – Owner

ABOUT: She comes from Tehran. Her mind is curious and dynamic. She mixes art, design, engineering to produce unique jewelry pieces. She studied mathematics and specialized in Industrial Design to complete her training in design and engineering in Italy, where she currently resides.

WISHLIST: ‘MyCity Tehran’ collection represent the strong bond the designer has with her city. The Milad multifunctional tower, also known as Tehran Tower, inspires the whole line. I find this unique capsule collection to perfectly represent myself because like the designer, I left my home and family at a young age, and just like her I understand the strength it takes to part from your own roots. Body ornaments and jewelry often embody feelings and emotions that are unknown to the eyes of the stranger, and this is what makes them even more special.

WHY: Because by being unconventional we can express our true nature, and we can do this by different means. One being unique 3D design jewelry born to innovate.



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