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Have you ever felt heart-broken because the pair of shoes you had fallen in love with was not available in your size?

This has happened to me so many times. And I am glad I have come across a brand which was set up to help us petite women overcome the annoying feeling which originates each time a shop assistant says: “Sorry, your size is not available!”

I am a petite woman with petite feet, and apart from some high-end brands we all know, there are very few fashionable companies producing stylish or fashionable small-size shoes. One of this is ‘MZ Made For Petite’.

I was so surprised when I browsed their online store to find out that their models where really classy and tasty. Usually as a petite woman I often have to renounce to shoe-shopping due to the fact that the collections available are not in line with my taste or the current trends.

We all know that finding the perfect fit for small feet can be hard, and that shopping in the children’s department can be quite embarrassing. But thanks to MZ you can get small heels, flats and sneakers each time you feel like shopping for shoes!


MZ MADE FOR PETITE originated in summer 2016 from the idea of the creator, who, one day, after purchasing of a pair of sandals too big and uncomfortable after an endless and frustrating shopping day, started to ask herself: ‘Am I the only one to have this problem?’

As a matter of fact, she found out that she was not alone and decided to set up a brand of women’s shoes dedicated to small shoes ranging from size 33 to size 36.  The shoes are elegant, modern, and comfortable, made with quality leather made in Spanish and Italian tanneries, one being based in Tuscany and another in the province of Alicante.


I have personally chosen two models from MZ collection:
  Giada Zebra: Zebra print loafers with knot detail.
A contemporary update on a classic loafer silhouette. This 40mm pump is entirely hand made in Italy using calf hair leather and suede. Available from size 33.
–  Ariana Tweed: Jewel tweed pumps.
Jewel stiletto heel. Evergreen. Adopt this tweed version and feel like a princess. Available from size 33.

Now, being petite, what should we wear with MZ lovely small shoes to stretch our stature?

  • High waisted trousers: they make your legs ceaseless by tucking your top into!
  • Pick shoes cut low at the front: show a greater amount of the highest point of your feet.
  • Either long or short garments: avoid clothing that cuts at mid-calf as this is the thickest part of the legs and will make you look shorter.
  • Lopsided dresses:one side being shorter than the other will stretch your stature.

I hope I have helped you petites of the world out there with finding the perfect pair of small shoes. And I hope you enjoy the doll-like side of your life… because to me, ‘petite’ is synonym with irresistibly pretty!

LINK to Online store

The small shoes in the photo gallery are courtesy of MADE FOR PETITE. My opinion is true and based on an accurate selection of the brands I partner with and the products I write about. | All photos are property of Daniela Poni. Unauthorized copying or use is prohibited. 

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